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Is God calling you to his ministry?

The Bethel Faith Sparkling Bible College is a unique place where you not only receive academically sound education but practical experience in ministry. Along with that, Music and Vocational Training marks this college a very special one, to suit the need of a student in the future ministry.

About the Campus

The Bible College is located about six kilometers away from the city of Coimbatore. Mountains surround the Bible College which gives a peaceful atmosphere for education. Several buildings are setup for dormitories, classrooms, kitchen and dining areas. The Campus has a large area for games and recreational activities.

Courses Offered

Certificate in Ministry is a two year course which lays a strong foundation to those who do not wish to spend a longer period at college. Students who have passed ninth standard are eligible for this course.

Diploma in Ministry is a three year course which provides an opportunity to specialise in Pastoral training practical experiences. Students who have passed tenth standard are eligible for this course. This course has been accredited by ATA.

Bachelor of Ministry is specially designed for students who are seeking a Pastoral ministry and to further their education in Universities after. A student receives training for all Christian services along with a strong foundation in Theology. Students who have passed their 12th Standard (Plus 2) are eligible to join this course. A degree is awarded on completion.

Accreditation and Fellowship

The Diploma in Ministry has been accredited by the Asia Theological Association which is recognized by International Accrediting Associations. A worldwide recognition is given to ATA Diplomas.

The College maintains its membership in several Associations and Colleges through the world. Association for Evangelical Theological Education of India (AETEI), Assemblies of God, Bible College Mattersey, England, Zion Bible Institute, Rhode Island, USA, are some of the institutions where fellowship is maintained.

Vocational Training

Carpentry is taught along with operation of electrical equipments, sound systems and secretarial work.


Students who like to learn an instrument or develop their skill of learning are given instruction by qualified teachers.


Students are sent to churches around the city of Coimbatore to preach and take part in local services to develop their ministerial skill. Over 2000 children attend Sunday School pioneered by the students. After graduation desired students are absorbed into the ministry as pioneering ministers by the college.

Life at BFSBC

Students spend quality time a the Library which consists of over 5000 volumes. A prayer room is open twenty-four hours a day for anyone who wishes to pray. A social event is conducted every month for the students and staff to promote a good rapport between them. Each students performs a small duty to keep the campus clean. Several games and sports help the student to relax and enjoy a great athletic experience. A bicycle is provided for each student for local transportation like going to churches, Sunday Schools, and other activities. A good reward awaits outstanding students at the end of the year.

Primary Eligibility

BFSBC is open to all who have a born again experience, baptized in water and have a desire to serve the Lord.


There is no tuition fee charged to study at BFSBC. However, to show student participation, a small amount is collected every month. If unable to pay scholarships are available depending upon the need. Campus work will be assigned to such students.


The Registrar
310, Marudamalai Road
Coimbatore - 641 041, INDIA

Phone: (91-422) 422831

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