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Church Planting Programme

The nucleus ministry we are involved is in the planting and nurturing of churches in obedience to the great commission of Matthew 28:19-20. We have many branches in many parts of our country. In our land filled with multitudes of people 'the harvest is plenty but the labourers are few.'

Year Ministry Started: 1980
Central church membership at Coimbatore: Around 2500
Branch churches : 200
Vision for the future before AD 2000 : 1000 churches

Children's Homes

"Let the little children come unto me and do not forbid them, for of such is the kingdom of heaven" ( Matthew 19:14). The poor and orphan children with ages ranging from five to fifteen irrespective of caste, creed colour or religion are taken care of at the Homes with all facilities provided for them.

Total number: 6 homes
Number of children at Homes: 400
Child Care Centres: one at Central Church, Coimbatore and one at Udamalpet.
Food, accommodation, Medical Care and Education is provided free.

Tribal Welfare Programmes

Mrs. Ruth Gnanaprakasm has a special love for the poor, needy and downcast hill tribes of the surrounding mountains. She takes the good news to reach the unreached, to tell the untold and to minister to the unministered. Hard and sincere labour among the hill tribes for past several years has borne fruit now.

Tribal centres visited: 35
Tribal children sponsored: 117

Leper Rehabilitation Centres

Lepers are the ostracised and downcast lot of our society. Generally begging is their only means of livelihood, with open wounds bleeding and with very little food, clothing or shelter. A leper colony caters to the needs of the lepers with the provisions of a mat-weaving centre where they weave beautiful mats as an occupation.

Leper colony at Marudamalai, Coimbatore
Number of leper families taken care of: 22
Help given for provisions and clothes
Occupation provided: Mat-weaving centre.

Film Ministry

An effective media to proclaim the gospel is through films. Our film team screens the film on the life of Jesus Christ to thousands in remote areas and extends an opportunity to them to receive Jesus Christ unto their hearts.

Film teams operating at present: 1
Plan for 5 teams
Screened to 60,000 people (1992)

Prison Ministry

"I was in prison and you came to me .... in as much as you did to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me." (Matthew 28:36, 40). In our zeal to serve the Lord, the prison are visited every week and the inmates are given a chance to respond to the love of Christ. Even the prostitute rehabilitation centre is visited regularly.

Borewell Projects

Poor people in the villages suffering for want of a pot of drinking water has been an ever increasing sight these day throughout the year particularly when the monsoon is almost a failure every third year. A Project of sinking bore-wells in the water scarcity areas to tap the underground water resources and make it available to people is in progress.

Number of bore-wells: 30
Number of people benefited: 30,000

Family Welfare Programme

A project has been initiated to extend help for the care of the children and thus provide for the welfare of the family so as to give an opportunity to realise the love of God.

Number of places: 4
Number of families: 200

Widows Care

The needy widows are helped as part of our ministry, in on place to begin with for a total of 60 widows. At the festival time all the widows from different churches are also given gifts of sarees.

Crusades and Seminars

As and when the Lord enables us, crusades and seminars are organised as part of our ministerial strategy to reach out the vast heathen population and also strengthen theologically the ministers in our fold respectively.

Literature Evangelism

Evangelism through literature has been very fruitful in the past and it has been found to be possible to create an awareness of the message of the Lord among the people. New Testaments, gospels and tracts in large numbers have been placed in the hands of the people. Three books on theological subjects of present concern have been published so far.

Children Evangelism

A vast population of children of all castes are being reached through Sunday School activities. there has been a continual increase in the response year after year. During the summer holidays children are engaged in the Vacation Bible School programme.

24 Hour Prayer Tower

A team of dedicated believers are praying round the clock in relay for the spiritual growth and blessings besides physical need.


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